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Jacks Daily Routine

Below is just a day in the life of Jack Oldacres. He has used this routine from when he came out of hospital up until 4 years old. As time goes on this page will be updated as he grows and things change.  


Jack normally wakes up about now as any little lad would. He has to have a bath before anything else. Firstly Julie (jacks mum) run's the bath and Jack has a soak for about 30minutes to let his skin soften so its easier to rub off . Julie uses Hydromol cream on jack's body, face and head. Also using Dermol an Anti-septic cream and Oilatum in the bath water to keep away any infections that Jack is prone to catching. When the skin has soaked enough she will scrub with a face cloth to get rid of the skin that has grown overnight. If this is left it will dry out crack and more than likely get infected.


Jack then needs to be covered in cream Julie uses a mixture of  50/50 Parafin/soft parafin and Diprobase, this works as his skin defence a barrier against the worlds nasty infections, it also helps but doesnt stop him from overheating!


Its been 6 hours since Jacks bath and his skin has started to reform, which by now will start to itch and become sore. Julie needs to put some more 50/50 cream and Diprobase on.


Jack's second bath of the day and a repeat of the mornings routine. This is because over 12 hours Jack's skin has re-grown and will start to crack and get infected, so it needs to come off again and his creams re-applied.


Its Jack's bedtime and before he goes up its another lot of creams and with it this time Piriton to try and stop the itching overnight.


Jack is up and awake his skin is itching and another lot of cream is needed to sooth it again, along with a change of nappy as this is one area around the top of his legs that can get sore through rubbing.


Jack is awake and itching again, Julie will give him a bottle to help with lost fluids. The night-time is hard as his skin grows the most and can cause him more pain. So Julie and Danny can find themselves being up for a couple of hours to keep him calm.


Jack has finally gone to sleep, the day is long for both Jack and his mum and dad, but this is what is needed to keep jack free from infection and in as less pain as possible.

Some other things to help Jacks

Jack also has special bateria free water from a special Ionisation system which is connected to the water system. See the links page for detials on FIELDWAY the people who kindly donated the system to Jack.

Julie uses Non-Bio washing powder on Jacks clothes

Jack has his bottle 4 times a day with high calorie milk called Infatrini this milk helps jack recover the lost fluid he uses during the day.

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